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I dont know anymore, life feels so hard lately. I need something good and soon

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New year goals
  • Eat healthier, as in meals since all I eat are bagels and coffee and snacks
  • Make more time for myself, and for my artwork 
  • Wake up earlier to start my days and actually get ready instead of running around and putting whatever clothes I see on and run out the door

Simple, but yet hard tasks, but I’m ready to try 

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I miss my long hair 

I miss my long hair 

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Photographs by Yannis Kontos of the Kulina institution in Serbia.

In these institutions children are routinely tied to their bed railings for long stretches of time. It’s a widespread practice in Serbia, according to Laurie Ahern, associate director of Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI)

“People are just prisoners in these cribs, in these beds,” Ahern says. “We found people being tied up not for ten minutes, but hours.  Four, five, six hours — and day after day after day.”

The institutions’ rationale for tying down children, Ahern says,  is a lack of staff and resources. And without being exposed to any meaningful stimulation, many of the children are prone to hurting themselves when they’re unattended.  “They are hitting themselves. They are biting themselves. I’ve seen children gouge out their eyes, rip off pieces of their ears, punch themselves till they’re black and blue.”

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guernica // brand new

guernica // brand new

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